The Scared List Production Team

The Scared List Production

Director / Producer / Writer

Charity Dorrance

Charity has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Writing/Directing and Writing/Producing Certificates from Colorado Film School. She first fell in love with film and television when her parents took her to seeThe Karate Kid at the local drive-in. It was the first time watching a movie on the big screen and she was hooked. Her mission as a filmmaker is to develop films, television, and web series that are filed with heart, feature strong characters, and are free from meanness and smallness of mind. By telling universal stories she hopes to inspire her audiences to not give up on their dreams and passions.

What's on her scared list?

Learn how to ride a motorcycle.
Sing at an open mic night, try Karaoke


Holly Page

Holly has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership from Colorado State University. She worked for High Noon Entertainment on HGTV's "My First Place." Her goal in producing The Scared List is to show others how good stuff happens when we push outside our comfort zone. And in the words of her favorite high school science teacher: "Limit your regrets." She likes a good salad and ice cream (just not combined). Loves to laugh and spend time with her favorite people.

What's on her scared list?

Learn to fly a helicopter.
Drive in Manhattan traffic
Take a class at Harvard


Trai Cartwright

TRAI CARTWRIGHT, MFA, is a 25-year entertainment industry veteran and writing and producing specialist.  During her 15 years in Los Angeles, Trai consulted on thousands of screenplays for HBO, 20 th Century Fox, Paramount, Universal, and New Line. She has been on the producing team of four indie movies, was assistant director of Leonardo DiCaprio's online ventures, the Hollywood liaison for a massively multi-player online role-playing game company, and was the Manager of Fox Mobile Studios.

As a writer, four of Trai’s screenplays were optioned to Academy and Emmy award-winning producers, and she is currently the screenwriter on Secret Ellington for Main Man Films, and Cheap Cabernet for producer Cathie Beck. A busy writing consultant and editor, she also teaches media producing, creative writing, and screenwriting across the Front Range for colleges, writers groups, conferences, and one-on- one.

What's on her scared list?

Director of Photography

Fawn De Santis

Fawn has a Bachelor of Arts in English & Communications, and is currently working on a degree in Writing/Directing with a certification in Cinematography. She remembers distinctly seeing Star Wars: A New Hope as a child and credits this film as the root of her love of cinema. She loves comedy, sci-fi, and animated movies most, but enjoys stories of all kinds, and strives to write and create characters with something positive to learn and say to the world. She enjoys telling stories from different angles and hopes her work will inspire others in a positive way. She uses her powers for good.

What’s on her scared list?

Fawn has checked many exiting and awe-inspiring things off her own scared list so far, but she’d also love to ride a donkey down the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River. Even though it sounds smelly and painful, as well as terrifying, she imagines the scenery, photography, and tales would be worth it.

First Assistant Director / UPM

Betsey VanHull

Starting out her cinematic journey in the back of a pickup truck, watching a cowboy rescue an astronaut, Betsey has been entranced by the cinema ever since. While other kids used their summers to ride bikes and party, Betsey used hers to explore further into the world she adored. By day, she was just an average kid, but by night she transformed her siblings into robbers and her house into alien worlds. Coming a long way from such small beginnings, Betsey has now spent numerous hours cultivating her skills in movie making by spending her adult life studying even farther into the world of cinema. She obtained a certificate from Colorado Film School and has worked on numerous sets since. Filmmaking is her passion and her creative outlet.

What's on her scared list?

Bees stings and falling from heights

Production Designer

Morgan Duran

Morgan has an Associates in Applied Science Degree in Film/Video Media: Writing/Producing as well as a Writing/Producing Certificate. She had an internship with the American Film Institute and is currently working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Film/Media Studies from Arizona State University (online). Morgan first fell in love with wanting to make/create movies ever since she was a young child, from watching The Wizard of Oz to Alice in Wonderland. Her desire to work as a Production Designer/ Art Department stems from a family of artists. She loves being able to read a script and make that world/vision a reality; it is for her a creative and inspiring outlet.

What's on her scared list?

Snorkeling/Swimming in the ocean.

Costume Designer

Chloe Gahm

What's on her scared list?

Post Production Supervisor / Editor / Website Developer

Corbin Gill

Corbin has a Bachlor of Fine Arts in Directing and an Associates of Applied Science in Video Post Production. After many years working as a corporate web and multimedia developer, he decided that cube farms suck, and that he needed to get back to his roots and return to his goal of working in the entertainment industry. Currently, he is a freelance video editor, effects artist, and video colorist. Recently, he completed his a feature documantary titled, "JonBenét's Tricycle," in which he is the associate producer, editor, and colorist. Corbin also writes screenplays and creates stories in many formats.

What’s on his Scared List?

Sell an original feature film script
Survive eating sauce that is hot enough to make his eyes bleed.

Music Composer

John Woodall

John graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a Bachelors degree in Music Performance. He has played the lead roles in many operas and musicals as well as acted in films big and small. He has a band called Woodall and the Wild North based out of NC that he will be working on after his move from CO back to NC in July. He is a singer songwriter who loves the medium of film. He released a solo album under his name John T. Woodall titled Wildflowers which you can buy on iTunes. If you see him scheduled to play at a venue near you then you should go see him. You will not be disappointed.

What’s on his Scared List?

Build a state of the art Recording Studio from scratch
Run a triathlon